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Nail Buffer by Itay Mineral Cosmetics, Natural Nail Shiner 4 Way Block Diamond Buffing Block, 3 Count


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Happy Healthy Nails Use Itay Mineral Cosmetics Buffer Block If you're suffering from weak, thin, or brittle nails than look no further! It's no secret our nails often suffer, they are essentially our body's first line of defense. First ones in that dirty sink, scrubbing alongside harsh chemical soaps, detergents, & who knows what else! These are all things that break down our nail's natural structure, creating a weak nail base that's bound for staining, uneven ridges, cracks, splits, & even impairing the blood circulation in your nails. With the magic buffer, you will begin to restore and repair your nails by giving them the fighting chance to withstand all that's out there. Not only will you be boosting the health of your nails but you will also be the life of the party with your now shiny, healthy nails. The buffer of all buffers. Your professional salon quality buffing block for all your polishing needs. Itay's Promise - We sure didn't invent the wheel, but we're out here making it run smoother, longer, & just better. We strive to make our products the best by truly going the distance when it comes to quality and results.

Set Of 3 Buffing Blocks By Itay Mineral Cosmetics
Shine & Dazzle – Transform your nails into healthy, shiny extensions of you. Use the fingernail buffer block to smooth your natural nail surfaces, clean ridges, & expel stains off your natural nails for a lasting shine.
3 Simple Steps To A Spa-like Glow – Step 1 Use Either Side Of The Blue Coarse Filing Strip On The Cube For 5 Seconds, Step 2 Use The Gray Strip On The Cube To Smooth Your Nails For The Perfect Polish For 5 Seconds, & Step 3 Use The White Silky Side Of The Cube To Give Your Nails A Flawless Gloss Finish For 5 Seconds. Its That Simple, Within 15 Seconds Your Fingernail Or Toenail Will Shine Bright, Giving Your Nails The Healthy Glow They Deserve.
15 Seconds For A Flawless Nail Polish
Promote A Healthy Nail Bed – Nails Can Certainly Get The Short End Of The Stick When It Comes To Care & Maintenance. Wether Its Nail Polish & Polish Remover Or Whatever Else Your Nails Come Into Contact With On The Daily. Your Nails Can Be Left Damaged, Unhealthy, & Simple Unsanitary. By Simple Using Our Magic Buffer Block You Will Remove The Stains Of Yesterday And Provide For Healthy Lasting Nail Care For The Months To Come.