The Best Portable Chargers
  • 2022-05-04

The Best Portable Chargers

Portable devices have a Murphy’s law-like ability to run out of power at least convenient moment.; as you step on the bus, right in the middle of an important meeting or just as you get comfortable on the couch to listen to your favorite music. If you keep a keep a powered portable charger handy, all those situations are a thing of the past.

Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets make life so much easier. That is, until they run out of battery power when there is nowhere to plug.

The best portable chargers keep your alive when you need it most. They also power our other devices like tablets, Nintendo switches and even our laptops on some occasions. We all find ourselves out of the house with a low battery for one reason or another.

What to look for in a Portable Charger?

Choosing the right portable charger for your particular use can be difficult. Knowing what the different specification mean and whether they will affect the performance in the way you use it may not be obvious. Portable chargers come in all shapes and sizes with a large variety in the sizes, capabilities and there is also the battery technology choice as well. All these factors mean that there are several points to consider when buying the right portable charger for your particular use.


Capacity is possibly the most important factor to consider when shopping for a portable charger and it is usually measured in miliampere-hours (mAh) as your phone battery. The higher the number, the more power it can deliver to your device before the portable charger also runs out of juice.

When shopping for a charger, try as much as possible to find a portable charger that can completely recharge your smartphone at least twice before requiring a recharge, as this should keep you covered for one to two days at a time.

Portable chargers can range from single charge (3000mAh) to well over (20,000mAh), and most or the latest smart phones have a battery with around 3000mAh.

Size and Weight

Size and weight are an important consideration when buying a portable charger, especially if you are going to use it when travelling.

Size and weight generally increase with mAh capacity while a 20,000mAh model may seem like a handy option, it may be too big for your pocket or bag.

If you are looking to keep your phone charged at a one-day music festival, picnic or during a night out, look into a pocket sized model with at least 6000 to 10,000mAh.


The portable chargers today are so advanced that you do not need to make a choice for this question. Only some of the models that are in stores today might not have the correct input or output for your mobile devices. So always check the specifications for the input and output and what devices are compatible with the charger.

Inputs ports are used to charge the portable charger, while output ports transfer that energy to your devices. There are small differences between each type, but generally you are best off buying a portable charger with sockets that suit the devices and cables you plan to use with it.

Power Delivery

Power delivery is one of several fast charge technologies, designed to speed up the time it takes for your power bank to charge your devices. It does this by increasing the wattage used to charge to the maximum amount your device can safely handle. This only works with compatible USB-C cables, which have specialized chips that prevent overheating.

This feature requires a compatible USB-C cable to work. Some models with power delivery have been among the fastest we’ve tested, but some models without are just as fast

Pass-through Charging

Pass through charging allows you to charge your portable from the mains while using it. At first time that might not sound very useful, but it can be surprisingly handy. If you’re travelling, for instance, and you have drained the battery on both your phone and your portable charger, you can charge both using a single plug socket. That means one less adapter to pack on your travels. Portable charger that feature pass-through charging, TP-Link 10,000mAh Portable charger with enough capacity to charge two devices, along with pass through charging, models like this are well suited to taking on your travels.

Here are the Best Portable Chargers in 2021.

If you keep finding your devices run out of charge at the worst possible moment, then you need one of the best portable chargers to keep you topped up during those crucial times.

The best portable charger for you depends on what you need to charge and how much juice you need away from the mains. While phones are the most obvious device to recharge during a long day out, you also need a portable charger that can charge up a laptop while on the move. 

  1. imuto 20,000mAh

If you are looking for a high capacity charger that is portable, the Muto 20,000 mAh portable charger may be for you. It offers a 20000mAh capacity that will be able to charge your average smartphone over four times and still have some charge left,

What we liked about it

  • Affordable
  • Large capacity
  • Has a screen
  • Anker PowerCore 20,000

Anker PowerCore 20,000

This type of portable charger comes with a huge 20,000mAh battery inside, meaning this will be able to charge up your phone or tablet multiple times before it needs a recharge.

What we liked about it

  • Big battery
  • High speed charging

RAVPower 20,000mAh

This type of portable charger offers a lot of capacity and can be cheaper than other devices in the market.

It has two ports, so you can charge two devices at the same time and it will have enough capacity to be able to charge bot a mobile or a tablet.

What we liked about it

  • Portable
  • Affordable
  • Has two ports

INIU 10000mAh

This one is the best portable charger, not only did its charging times and speed sit near the top of the chart, but it has got 2 USB-A output ports.

What we liked about it

  • Portable design
  • Speedy short term charging
  • Poweradd Slim 2

Poweradd Slim 2

Many people do not like a full brick that can get their phone fully charged. Sometimes they just want the ease of mind of a small cylinder of juice. And this type of portable gives them just that.

What we liked about it

  • Fast charging
  • Small (very portable)