The Best Hangers
  • 2022-02-03

The Best Hangers

They may appear small and often ignored, but hangers play such an important role. It is through hangers that we can get our clothes organized and neat. We have all been guilty of not having enough hangers or overcrowding in some, but we need enough hangers. So, what do you look for in a hanger as they all look similar and function just as much? Well, as much as there is nothing much to look for in a hanger, there are tips you need to follow when looking for suitable hangers
What to look for in a hanger;
The materials
In most cases, clothing hangers are made from plastic, wood, and metals. All these various materials need to be of the highest quality and with good designs. You need to be extra careful when picking the materials as, depending on your clothes, some hangers may be too complex. E.g., slippery hangers are not compatible with silky garments.
If you are always pressed for space, you can always go for hangers that allow for better space usage. This includes hangers that support multiple garments and those that are sleek enough. If your space closest is not big enough, you can always go for the flat and thin hangers for better reach.
How much are you willing to spend on your hangers? The answer to that question will help solve lots of issues raised by hangers and manufacturers. Of course, the sleek, good-looking, and sturdy hangers will be more costly than the others. It will also be perfect if you buy them in bulk as they are cheaper that way.
The best hangers to buy in 2021

MAWA by Reston-Lloyd Space-Saving Hangers

If you own lots of shirts, it will make sense to have them hanged using clippers. This is because they are likely to stay straightened, and you save on space in the process. The MAWA by Reston-Lloyd Space-Saving Hangers comes with coated clips and will hang many shirts at a go. The coated clippers will ensure that the hangers don't damage your shirts.
The MAWA by Reston-Lloyd Space-Saving Hangers dramatically saves on space and will hang everything sliding horizontally, which allows you to turn things of all sizes. The holders are also sturdy and non-toxic and will firmly hold your clothes in one position.
We love that they are sold in batches of between 2 to 300, giving everyone a chance to own these hangers.
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What we like about it;
Big on saving space
Non-slip clips
Can hold more clothes
Sturdy handles

ZOBER Wooden Suit Hangers

Wooden hangers have a way of changing and improving our experiences. They are strong and can withstand high pressure, and lightweight at the same time. The ZOBER Wooden Suit Hangers are an excellent match if you have lots of suits and looking for an elegant way to hang them. The whole design is pleasing to the eyes and is well and truly suited to hold your claims.
ZOBER Wooden Suit Hangers are lightweight but don't let that fool you as they are one of the strongest hangers out there. There are security straps that will ensure that your jackets are well secured, and the hooks can swing a full 360 degrees.
The hangers are made with lotus wood, which is sanded and coated with to prevent snags. There is also a good provision of trousers making it easier to hang suits. Sold in packs of 20, the ZOBER Wooden Suit Hangers are a great addition to any home.
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What we liked about it;
Strong wood for excellent performance
Made with strong wood
Provision for trousers
Has security clips

Tenby Living Black Tie Rack

Suits go well with ties, and ties can be a handful to store. Ask around, and you will find here that relations are among the most misplaced things in the house, right after socks. The Tenby Living Black Tie Rack is excellent for keeping your ties in check. The racks are made with solid plastic material and will hold as many as 20 ties at a go.
Most of the ties are usually silky and slippery, which makes holding them together in one place a tough job. The Tenby Living Black Tie Rack has curved clips that enable the hangers to stick to one position. The hook can rotate around, giving you better access when trying to decide which tie to pick. The rack is also perfect for scarves.
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What we liked about it;
Strong and big on space
Can rotate 360 degrees
Made with strong materials
Has clips for holding ties down
You can also hang scarfs

SOSOPIN Space Saving Pants Hangers

You have hangers for suits, ties, and shirts; what could be missing? Well, all you have left is hangers for pants. The SOSOPIN Space Saving Pants Hangers is perfect for pants and can withstand heavy pants. It is made with solid stainless-steel materials and ABS plastic that are strong and up to the task. We love the sleek design and the authentic open-ended design.
As it is an open-ended design, there is always the risk of causing injuries. To this end, the SOSOPIN Space Saving Pants Hangers has blunt edges and is elegant for your closet. They are sold in pairs, and you can order in pieces of two, six, or eight. The hangers will save on space and can handle many clothes without buckling. You can also hang other clothes from ties to scarves to shirts and skirts.
What we liked about it;
Open-ended design with blunt edges
Made with strong materials
Can hang most clothes
Saves on space